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United Nations Human Rights Instruments

International Human Rights Law & Protection Mechanisms

Basic Principles on the Independence of the Judiciary

Code of Conduct for Law Enforcement Officials

Basic Principles on the Role of Lawyers

Guidelines on the Role of Prosecutors


Supreme Court Of India
High Court Of Delhi
High Court Of Kerala
High Court Of Mumbai
High Court Of Calcutta
High Court Of Andra Pradesh
High Court Of Jharkhand
Law Commission of India
The Judgment Information System
India Code


Supreme Court of Argentina
Queensland Courts - Australia
Supreme Court of Brazil
Supreme Court of Canada
British Columbia Superior Courts
The Supreme People's Court, China
Supreme Court of the Dominican
Supreme Court of Ecuador
Supreme Court of India
Supreme Court of Jamaica
Supreme Court of Japan
Supreme Court of Nicaragua
Supreme Court of Norway
Supreme Court of Pakistan
Supreme Court of the Philippines
Supreme Court of Portugal
Supreme Court of the Russian
Supreme Court of Singapore
Supreme Court of Trinidad
The Scottish Courts, UK
Supreme Court of the United States
U.S. Courts


Int'l Compliance Association
Int'l Human Rights Law Group
International Law Association (ILA)
International Law Institute (ILI)
Int'l Law Students Association
International Studies Association
Hague Academy of Int'l Law
Int'l League for Human Rights


More Human Rights Links


Berkeley Law Library
The Hastings Law Library
The Hugh & Hazel Law Library
Los Angeles Law Library
Sacramento Law Library
San Diego Public Law Library
San Francisco Law Library
Librarians at Public Libraries


World Organizations and More


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