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Our Partnership in India consists of Legal, Paralegal, Engineering, Medical and Computer Software professionals who provide primarily legal and paralegal services exclusively for US Lawyers and Law Firms. Our teams of professionals and experts have honed their skills to cover the breadth of research, investigation, document review, transcript summaries, organization and case preparation.

We provide comprehensive and well-contained legal research in specific areas and litigation support services to US Attorneys. Our experts have been consciously selected for providing fast and efficient legal document preparation to enable you to spend your time counseling your clients and building your practice.

We are up to date on the most recent developments in the Legal Services Industry. A group of well trained advocates and paralegals are deputed to effectively attend our clients' legal matters. Read more at: Outsourcing

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MintValley Legal Division, LawyersIndia is engaged in legal literacy, legal assistance, real estate and property management (View real estate page real estate), litigation support, Maritime Law, legal outsourcing and E-Governance solutions.


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