Document Exhibits Jabir's Case:-                                                                          

The details of exhibits (Mr. P.K. Jabir (The Defendant) - Hereinafter referred to as 'Our Client'):-

Exhibit a1; b1

The higher Judiciary of the UAE upheld the innocence of our client by concurring verdicts; in contrary, it was proved both the plaintiff, a police Mr. Ahmed Abdullah Abdul Kadir and other police men were the aggressors who cruelly assaulted our client without any provocation.

The court witnessed a situation that there has no claim against defendants (our client). The court determined the defendant was illegally detained and ordered to his release.

The operative part of the Judgment which clearly revealed the malafides and the arbitrary way in which the police department of Abu Dhabi acted. It further reiterated the condemnation of the prosecutor.

Exhibit a1; b1 Judgment (Final, Legal Court of Appeal) of Ministry of Justice, Abu Dhabi, UAE                               

Exhibit a2; b2

The Court of first incident declared our client's innocence and forwarded the judicial findings to the public prosecution to investigate the incident of aggression committed by the local and the other police men who in fact, became the instrument of horrific torture designed to extort money.

Exhibit a2; b2 Judgment (Legal Court of First Instance) of Ministry of Justice, Abu Dhabi, UAE                               
Annotations: Exhibit a3; b3

Instead of both the above verdicts and judicial declaration by the Court, the police resorted to the high handed action of deporting our client to India in total negation of Human Rights and principles of law.

Our client was a legal resident of Abu Dhabi, UAE, holding an investor's visa and most importantly he was a victim of police brutality with fatal consequences. .. The order clearly exhibits the characteristics of a 'Faceless coward', who lacks courage to prosecute the guilty in them.

Our client was not intimated about any grounds justifying the deportation order or given an opportunity to make any representation against making such an order which would deprive him of his dignity and life as safeguarded under the Law.

Exhibit a3; b3 'Deportation Order' of General Directorate Police, Abu Dhabi, UAE                                                    

Exhibit a4; b4

The endorsement shows those who live and work in the UAE, especially the Indian Nationals do not have the protection of Law. The shocking incidents also proves the pathetic state of Indian diplomacy in the country.

Exhibit a4; b4 'No Entry to UAE' Endorsement in the Passport of petitioner                                                              

Exhibit a5

The right to livelihood cannot be subjected to individual fancies of the person in authority.The Government of India, despite a Court directive of High Court of Delhi, did not take any effective action in the matter.

Exhibit a5 In the High Court of Delhi, Appellate Civil Jurisdiction: 20/11/1997                                                   

Exhibit a1; a2

From Al Wathba Central Prison, Censored Letters:-
Some of the letters received by our client from Al Wathba Prison, later his release. The censor's seal is visible in each and every page. As to maintain security the prison administrators take steps by various means as such censoring the correspondence of prisoners.

Exhibit (a)1 Mr. George Titus' Letter                                                                                                                      
Exhibit (a)2 Mr. Abdulla Khoori' Letter                                                                                                                 

Exhibit (a)1; (b)2

The Documented Evidence of Torture!

The most heinous forms of torture by police, our client fell unconscious and he was taken to hospital-emergency, Abu Dhabi Central Hospital. An hospital staff still remembers the day, as treatment was made without removing the shackles, hands cuffed behind the back... Many X-rays were taken there in.

Our client was admitted in Hinduja hospital Mumbai, by the next day of his release from UAE Prison. There he was treated by different doctors, specialities including psychiatrist. Our client was advised diabetic treat due to the Pancreas disorder symptoms.

Our client have had a greater degree of psychological stress and physical harm as a consequence of brutal methods used by the Abu Dhabi police.

A near-death experience of our client and his first-hand knowledge of the realities are ample illustrations that goes into the very heart of the matter: A link to the testimonials of our client is available here - 'The Serious Consequences'.

Exhibit (a)1 Hospital Register Emergency Department, Abudhabi                                                                          
Exhibit (b)2 Hospital Register Hindula Hospital, Mumbai                                                                                      

Exhibit a1; a7

Our client have been unsuccessful in getting a sanction to pursue remedies in India against the offending State of UAE which is responsible vicariously for the crimes, torts and other illegal actions of its officials.

Under the provisions, the permission of the Government of India is needed to file a suit against the foreign country. The efforts to secure such permission through legal remedies entailed much time and expenses. ...

Exhibit a1 Ambassador of India, Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates: 21/09/1998                                               
Exhibit a2 NHRC To Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi: 25/06/1998 (2 Pages)                                              
Exhibit a3 Secretary to the Minister of State, Ministry of External Affairs: 29/01/1998                                           
Exhibit a4 H.H. Faisal, Govt-Ras Al Khaimah, UAE                                                                                                    
Exhibit a5 Secretary to the Minister of State, Ministry of External Affairs: 25/06/1999                                          
Exhibit a6 Fax Message to UAE Ambassador, New Delhi, India 23/10/1999                                                       
Exhibit a7 To The Minister of State, Foreign Affairs, UAE: 31/03/1999                                                                   

Exhibit a1; a11

Copies of Letters from Ministry, Indian Mission, other institutions and personalities in relation to ‘Jabir's Case'
Since the last 16 years, the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, have been trying to contact with the UAE Authority ...

Exhibit (a) 1 Secretary to Embassy of India, Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates: 21/12/1996                                   
Exhibit (a) 2 Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer to National Human Rights Commission: 4/03/1997                                     
Exhibit (a) 3 Centre for Human Rights, United Nations, Geneve: 28/02/1997                                                             
Exhibit (a) 4 Prime Minister's Office, New Delhi, India: 15/06/1998                                                                                
Exhibit (a) 5 Smt. Vasundhara Raje, Minister of State for External Affairs: 16/06/1998                                              
Exhibit (a) 6 O.Rajagopal, Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha: 19/06/1998                                                             
Exhibit (a) 7 Commonwealth Secretariat, Political Affairs, London: 22/06/1998                                                         
Exhibit (a) 8 Shri. I.K. Gujral, Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha: 23/06/1998                                                            
Exhibit (a) 9 Amnesty International, Secretariat, London: 16/08/1999                                                                         
Exhibit (a) 10 Non Resident Keralites' Affairs (A)Dept, Government of Kerala: 18/12/1999                                       
Exhibit (a) 11 Secretary to the Minister of State, Ministry of External Affairs: 07/09/2000                                              
Exhibit (a) 12 B-diary proceedings of the court - High Court of Delhi-2003-2007                                                     
Exhibit (a) 13 Case No: WP(C) NO.6149/1998 Date of Judgement 19/09/2007                                                    
Exhibit (a) 14 Information sought under RTI Act Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi/11 Jul, 2012 (PDF)
Exhibit (a) 15 Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi under RTI No. RTI/551/763/2012/26 Sep, 2012
Exhibit (a) 16 Embassy of India, Abu Dhabi under RTI MEA No.997/CPVRTI/2012/26 Nov, 2012
Exhibit (a) 17 Indo-Gulf Reparation Mechanisms - Timeline Submissions & Responses - 2013
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