Legal Services

1. The Lawyers India Legal Reserch & Outsourcing is fully equipped to offer all essential legal support services to assist US-based Lawyers and Corporate Legal Departments in successfully pursuing their litigation cases at all levels. We involve ourselves in supporting our clients in all legal research and writing, in preparation of cases and other incidental legal tasks.

2. Review of voluminous documents which form part of the records in lower Courts are undertaken to help prepare for cases in a higher Forum. Our legal Team will help in drafting quality Trial and Appellate briefs and provide all support services in drawing up and drafting contracts and agreements.

3. All legal research, support services and document drafting will be tailored to your needs and requirements without compromising on time and quality.

4.   Our clients also consult us for the following services :

  1. Preparation of legal opinions in specified practice areas.
  2. Preparation of briefs and facts at all levels of Court.
  3. Preparation of updates on key legal issues.
  4. Preparation of Research Memoranda in specified practice areas.
  5. Review of legal documents connected with business transactions.
  6. Summarizing testimony and identifying key events.

5. To help secure all the rights of your client’s invention, our Lawyers are competent to provide Patent analysis and preparation, comprehensive Patent search and Patent litigation support services including specified technical and legal research.

6. The technical Experts of our team render their assistance and knowledge on scientific and technical issues in the context of law. Both the technical and legal teams help our clients find legally significant and relevant facts from scientific and technical material to support and prepare litigation cases on specified subjects.

7. We also provide for a complete review of evidence and documents of past Court records to enable our clients to prepare their cases without leaving any legal issue un-addressed.

8.Our Lead lawyers have specialized knowledge in distinctive areas and experience in  Interstate Water Disputes, Oil and Natural Gas, Information Technology, International Arbitration, Telecommunication disputes, Consumer protection, Tort, Banking and Insurance cases.

9. The most telling aspect of our services are the significantly lower rates compared to prevailing rates in the US, and while we take on your time-consuming and demanding legal research, writing and related legal tasks, we ensure quality work within the prescribed time.


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