Patent Lawyers engaged by Juris Consultus have had wide experience relating to Intellectual Property Management in India dealing with the following:

  1. IP generation.
  2. Patent Search to enable patent filing.
  3. State-of-the-art search to track technology development covering the US Patent Trade Marks Office and the European Patent Office.
  4. Ascertaining inventive step & industrial applications.
  5. Drafting patent application & filing.
  6. Examination and removal of objections.
  7. Identifying users of technology for technology transfer to enable the applicant to commercialize and obtain financial benefits.
  8. Drafting licensing, assignment and royalty sharing agreements.
  9. Filing of revocation, infringement suits.


Our retainer Lawyers have dealt with areas covering Aerospace, Biological Sciences & Biotechnology, Chemical, Mechanical, Electronics, Computer Science and Engineering.


Our retainer Lawyers have provided services in India relating to design of the product in the following areas : -

  1. Identifying whether the Design created qualified the design criteria.
  2. Drafting & Filing application.
  3. Prosecuting Applications.
  4. Licensing of design rights to companies.
  5. Filing revocation, infringement suits.

Our retainer Lawyers are also well-versed in the recent enactment in India called THE SEMICONDUCTOR INTEGRATED CIRCUITS LAYOUT-DESIGN ACT 2000, which has been passed in consonance with TRIPS compliance. This Act mainly protects Semiconductor Integrated Circuits Layout Designs. “Layout-design” is defined in the Act as layout of transistors and other circuitry elements, and includes lead wires connecting such elements and expressed in any manner in a semiconductor integrated circuit.


Our IP Lawyers have also been engaged in the drafting of Trade/Service Mark Applications, filing and representation before the Registrar’s Office, and prosecuting and removing of objections in India.
They would be of great assistance in drafting and filing International applications.



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