Inter-state water Disputes

Our team of lawyers have specialized knowledge and experience dealing with water disputes, particularly with that of riparian States. They are well–versed with case-laws and judgments rendered by the US Supreme Court and are therefore competent to critically analyze the case-laws that prevailed during the prior-appropriation regime and that which is presently applicable to equitable apportionment based on beneficial uses of the waters of an interstate river.

Moreover, they have had wide experience dealing with various aspects, both scientific and legal, in the Indian context pertaining to hydro-power generation, its feasibility and other related subjects like Hydrology, Meteorology, Rainfall pattern and data, Crop water requirement and Irrigation requirements.

Their interaction with power Engineers, Hydrologists, Agronomists and Scientists from Government Departments in India have given them a wide variety of Technical knowledge and expertise to deal with these subjects in the context of law. Because of these varied experiences, they are capable of providing all legal support services in litigation matters that arise within the US as well.  



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